Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 18, 2011

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DIANA WELLS, LIVES OF THE TREES — The Norfolk Island pine... is most often... sold as a perfect little indoor Christmas tree. ...[I]f you keep it for too many Christmases you may have to make a hole in your ceiling. In the wild it can reach two hundred feet high.

Clues and answers

A.Walk unsteadily, tremble as one movesDODDER
B.In principle; to a TIDEALLY
C.Without delay (2 wds.)ATONCE
D.One who's a pain in the rearNUDNIK
E."Spring" topping on a "four seasons" pizzaARTICHOKE
F.Add to the conversation (2 wds.)WEIGHIN
G.Beseech, imploreENTREAT
H.Potential cutback consequenceLAYOFF
I.Crass and ill-mannered, neanderthalLOUTISH
J.Show with a laugh trackSITCOM
K.Restrained, subdued (hyph.)LOWKEY
L.Platform for the game Angry BirdsIPHONE
M.Ardent apostle; worshiperVOTARY
N.Willing to wear another's shoesEMPATHIC
O.Bob, prune or cropSHORTEN
P.Long, serpentlike giant of the deepOARFISH
Q.True-to-life replicaFACSIMILE
R.Bill with the phrase "We the People" (hyph.)TENSPOT
S.Painter of "A Rake's Progress"HOGARTH
T.Terrible offense; outrageousnessENORMITY
U.Representative, as a distinctive mark of a clan or groupTOTEMIC
V.Writer in the style of Tolstoy or FlaubertREALIST
W.Snarl in a retiary deviceENMESH
X.Ancient name for the Po RiverERIDANUS
Y.Food item whose name literally means "blown up"SOUFFLE
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