Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 17, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ORVILLE (AND WILBUR) WRIGHT, TELEGRAM — Success. Four flights Thursday morning. All against twenty-one-mile wind. Started from level with engine power alone. Average speed through air thirty-one miles. Longest fifty-nine seconds. Inform press. Home Christmas.

Clues and answers

A.Whom Mentor counseledODYSSEUS
B.There and back (2 wds.)ROUNDTRIP
C.1958 release listed in the National Film RegistryVERTIGO
D.Region where radio waves are reflectedIONOSPHERE
E.Youths at a ceilidhLADS
F.Battle of Britain forceLUFTWAFFE
G.Austrian physicist who contributed to the study of sound (2 wds.)ERNSTMACH
H.Spinning toy; flighty personWHIRLIGIG
I.Where fashion models treadRUNWAYS
J.Standing by, ready for action (3 wds.)INTHEWINGS
K.Songbird of which a group is called a charmGOLDFINCH
L.Ones who take the wheel on boardHELMSMEN
M.Guns; stranglesTHROTTLES
N."There are three roads to ruin: women, gambling, and ___" (Georges Pompidou)TECHNICIANS
O.B-29 that carried Little Boy (2 wds.)ENOLAGAY
P.Imposing height; elevated styleLOFTINESS
R.Oleaginous, lubriciousGREASY
S.Equip with parts not originally availableRETROFIT
T.Instrument used to measure a breeze's velocityANEMOMETER
U.Orchestrators of complicated projectsMASTERMINDS
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