Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 16, 2001

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


RALPH WALDO EMERSON, ESSAYS — We fetch fire and water, run about all day among the shops and markets, and get our clothes and shoes made and mended, and are the victims of these details, and once in a fortnight we arrive perhaps at a rational moment.

Clues and answers

A.Mad scramble, competitive struggle (2 wds.)RATRACE
B.Too confused to think straightADDLEPATED
C.Entice, as with false hopes (2 wds.)LEADON
D.Outbreak of anxiety (2 wds.)PANICATTACK
E."Take the hobnail express" (2 wds.)HOOFIT
F.He wrote, "Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers"WORDSWORTH
H.Job for the strong; moving like giantsLUMBERING
I.Filled with dismayDAUNTED
J.Financial blunderOVERDRAFT
K.Big name in the investment business (3 wds.)EFHUTTON
L.Riches regarded as an object of worshipMAMMON
M.Fleeing reality by way of the imaginationESCAPISM
N.Paid off; liberated morallyREDEEMED
O."Forbear to judge, for we are ___ all" ("King Henry VI")SINNERS
P.Those in the opposite economic situation from one's own (2 wds.)OTHERHALF
Q.Period of prayers and servicesNOVENA
R.Stocky actor voicing the lead in 1996's "The Story of Santa Claus" (2 wds.)EDASNER
S.Those exceptionally meek, patient, charitable, etc.SAINTS
T.Like a weapon no longer deployed for combatSHEATHED
U.Personification of wisdom and the arts whose sacred tree was the oliveATHENA
V.Activity following a period of inactivityYAWNING
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