Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 15, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ELIZABETH) ROYTE, THE TAPIR'S MORNING BATH — I spent twenty minutes plucking... [seed ticks] off my legs with a scrap of duct tape. ...Then... wrapping the duct tape in duct tape, so I could transport the tick ball back to the lab. What a magical place is a rain forest....

Clues and answers

A.People-loving breed of catRAGAMUFFIN
B.Subject of a 1704 treatise by Sir Isaac NewtonOPTICS
C.Quarterback standout for the 49ers and Giants (3 wds.)YATITTLE
D.Dessert with liqueur-soaked cake and fruitTRIFLE
E.1961 film starring Charlton Heston (2 wds.)ELCID
F.Some of the English at WimbledonTOPSPIN
G.Warning (hyph.)HEADSUP
H.___ Award, given annually for horse racing's Horse of the YearECLIPSE
I.Penny pincher, skinflintTIGHTWAD
J.___ school of early 20th-century artASHCAN
K.Stem of a fruit or stalk of a flowerPEDUNCLE
L.Influence, effectIMPACT
M.White paper; loud noiseREPORT
N.Butter up with cajolery (hyph.)SWEETTALK
O.Solenoid or compass, essentiallyMAGNET
P.Recondite, mysteriousOCCULT
Q.Snitch (2 wds.)RATFINK
R.Zealous investigative journalistNEWSHAWK
S.Show for which Bill Cosby won three acting Emmys (2 wds.)ISPY
T.Provincial governor of the Mogul empire in IndiaNABOB
U.Only lizard possessing a voiceGECKO
V.Common Soho establishmentBISTRO
W.Member of a diplomatic staffATTACHE
X.Scolding sound (hyph.)TUTTUT
Y.Gesture of friendshipHANDCLASP
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