Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 14, 2003

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(J.B.S.) HALDANE, ON BEING THE RIGHT SIZE — An angel [with] no more power weight for weight than... an eagle... would require a breast projecting four feet to house the muscles... in... its wings, while to economize in weight, its legs would have to be reduced to mere stilts.

Clues and answers

A.Dim region around a galaxy; nimbusHALO
B.Compete in a show of strength (hyph.)ARMWRESTLE
C.___ Burnham, Kevin Spacey's character in "American Beauty"LESTER
D.Business on the Web (2 wds.)DOTCOM
E.In the most pessimistic case (2 wds.)ATWORST
F."Isn't that so?" (Ger., 2 wds.)NICHTWAHR
G.Confidentially (2 wds.)ENTRENOUS
H.Hiawatha's tribe in Longfellow's poemOJIBWA
I.Pronouncement in a horse voiceNEIGH
J.Retires formally, as from competition (2 wds.)BOWSOUT
K."As we speak" (2 wds.)EVENNOW
L."Art never expresses anything but ___" (Oscar Wilde)ITSELF
M.From Narvik, Larvik or SkienNORWEGIAN
N.Insert sewn into a garment for expansion or reinforcementGUSSET
O.Restraint giving an animal a short radius of freedomTETHER
P.Bind, as in a rodeoHOGTIE
Q.General who coined the term "military-industrial complex"EISENHOWER
R.Pejorative for a government in powerREGIME
S.The opposite of benevolence (2 wds.)ILLWILL
T.Author of "The Sorrows of Young Werther"GOETHE
U.Set to elude detectionHIDDEN
V.Site of a girl's arachnophobic reactionTUFFET
W.Yosemite Park's Grizzly Giant, for oneSEQUOIA
X.Ascribe in an unflattering wayIMPUTE
Y.Houses in a high placeZODIAC
Z.Container for serving a boiled breakfastEGGCUP
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