Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 13, 2015

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(MARTIN) GARDNER, THE LAST RECREATIONS — [W]ords can... display various types of geometrical symmetry. ... One day in a supermarket my sister was puzzled by the name on a box of crackers, "spep oop," until she realized that a box of "doo dads" was on the shelf upside down.

Clues and answers

A.Plotter linked with November 5 (2 wds.)GUYFAWKES
B.Failure at the polls (hyph.)ALSORAN
C.Big name in music streamingRHAPSODY
D.Boot from an order, maybeDEFROCK
E.First capital of MississippiNATCHEZ
F.Iran hostage crisis localeEMBASSY
G.Overhauled, given a face-liftREVAMPED
H.Temporary owner of a tailTADPOLE
I.Compromising position?HALFWAY
J.1960 film based on a Leon Uris novelEXODUS
K.Revealed, as a secret (2 wds.)LETSLIP
L.Unfathomable depthABYSS
M.Wrinkle removal tool (2 wds.)STEAMIRON
N.School whose mascot is Jumbo the elephantTUFTS
O.Come back, give feedbackRESPOND
P.Ice-coated moon of JupiterEUROPA
Q.Sriracha, for one (2 wds.)CHILISAUCE
R.Target of some biometric scansRETINA
S.Item for the recycling binEMPTY
T.Writer whose career began in a kibbutz (2 wds.)AMOSOZ
U.Lament; song of mourningTHRENODY
V.Treated with an anti-goiter agentIODIZED
W.Meander in a riverOXBOW
X.Setting for "His Girl Friday" or "Anchorman"NEWSROOM
Y.Apprenticeship perkSTIPEND
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