Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 11, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ALEXANDRA) PETRI, (A FIELD GUIDE TO) AWKWARD SILENCES — I secretly carry a really wonderful person... inside me.... This person is... good and smart and talented and kind... and she uses the correct bins for glass recyclables and doesn't say "uh" or wave her arms around when talking.

Clues and answers

A.Rebuilding project for HadrianPANTHEON
B.No longer intimateESTRANGED
C.Went with legs moving in diagonal pairsTROTTED
D.What to watch on election nightsRETURNS
E.Steam-powered prairie crosser (2 wds.)IRONHORSE
F.Like Henry in relation to Dorothy, in the Oz booksAVUNCULAR
G.Factor that exacerbates discomfort (2 wds.)WINDCHILL
H."____ without education is but armed injustice" (Horace)KNOWLEDGE
I.Being like Eurydice (2 wds.)WOODNYMPH
J.Data employed by MapQuestADDRESSES
K.Opus ascribed to the Hindu sage ValmikiRAMAYANA
L.Aloof; impartial; standing by itselfDETACHED
M.Type evoking simplicity or minimalism (2 wds.)SANSSERIF
N.Host of the 1976 Winter OlympicsINNSBRUCK
O.Gobbledygook found in contractsLEGALESE
P.1969 film in which hogs are prominent (2 wds.)EASYRIDER
Q.Only N.L. team never to play in a World SeriesNATIONALS
R.Hard case in lifeCHRYSALIS
S."Nothing more to discuss" (3 wds.)ENDOFSTORY
T.Like some eggs and jetsSCRAMBLED
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