Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 11, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(SCOTT) MCCLOUD, REINVENTING COMICS — The heart of comics lies in the space between the panels where the reader's imagination makes still pictures come alive! It's a process that can be quantified, classified, and even measured, yet remains utterly mysterious.

Clues and answers

A.Publisher of "The Amazing Spider-Man"MARVEL
B.Blockhead, dimwit, dope, imbecileCRETIN
C.Common action sequence in the funniesCHASE
E.Supply for some cartoonists (2 wds.)OILPAINT
F.Underdog's coming-out-on-topUPSET
G.Strip involving official incompetenceDILBERT
H.Cartooning award named for GoldbergREUBEN
I.Some touching-up to enhance a faceEYESHADOW
J.Get a light bulb over one's head?IDEATE
K.Batman and Robin, to the RiddlerNEMESES
L.Skedaddle, hightail it, absquatulateVAMOOSE
M.The primary purpose of italicsEMPHASIS
N.Frizzy-haired girl drawn by Ernie BushmillerNANCY
O.Skewed take on cows, dogs, bears, dinosaurs, etc. (3 wds.)THEFARSIDE
P.Occasion for a "thud," "pow" or "splat"IMPACT
Q.Talking head with headlinesNEWSCASTER
R.Space separating boxes in a cartoon stripGUTTER
S.Game Tom plays with Jerry? (3 wds.)CATANDMOUSE
T.How Joe Palooka actsOAFISHLY
U.Glee, jollity, a lot of laughsMIRTH
V.Little areas dividing partsINTERSTICES
W."Stop what you're doing and run! The cops are here!" (2 wds.)CHEESEIT
X.Funny-paper strips, graphic novels, etc. (2 wds.)SEQUENTIALART
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