Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 10, 2006

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(DIANE) ACKERMAN, (A NATURAL) HISTORY OF THE SENSES — Color as a... language works so well that nearly every animal speaks it. Octopuses change color as they change mood. A scared freshwater perch automatically turns pale. A baboon flashes its blue rump in sexual situations.

Clues and answers

A.Purple stone thought by ancient Greeks to cure drunkennessAMETHYST
B.Orange, peach, apricot or plum productCRAYOLA
C.Military hueKHAKI
D.Shade of unbleached linenECRU
E.Man's name meaning "red-haired"RUFUS
F.Cookie sometimes flavored with chocolate, maraschino cherry or orange peelMACAROON
G.Go from high to low intensityABATE
H.Saffron-hued bloomer with a trumpet-shaped coronaNARCISSUS
I.Silver circles targeted by thievesHUBCAPS
J.Tan-coated bounder of the savannasIMPALA
K.Rainbowlike rangesSPECTRA
L.Silver Streak, for oneTRAIN
M.Having a play of lustrous huesOPALESCENT
N.Team in the Green Monster's park (2 wds.)REDSOX
O.Company with a rolling fleet (2 wds.)YELLOWCAB
P.Greenish silicate of iron and magnesiumOLIVINE
Q.Abounding in blossoms; ornateFLOWERY
R.Make brownTOAST
S.Crested bird with black-and-white wingsHOOPOE
T.Off-white with little glossEGGSHELL
U.Opposite of ruddy in complexionSALLOW
V.Green variety of berylEMERALD
W.Mollusk with a pearly housingNAUTILUS
X.Pop group known for golden oldies (3 wds.)SHANANA
Y.Rich shades of brown (2 wds.)EARTHTONES
Z.Paint a picture of?SUGGEST
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