Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 1, 2013

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


SARAH VOWELL, (THE) WORDY SHIPMATES — "The Courtship of Miles Standish"... is full of... hooey, like calling Alden a scholar, even though in real life he was the guy on the "Mayflower" the Pilgrims hired as their barrel maker. Basically, he was in charge of the beer.

Clues and answers

A.1980 #1 hit for Christopher CrossSAILING
B.Barbary Coast stronghold for BarbarossaALGIERS
C.Trait shared by Elizabeth I and Vladimir Lenin (2 wds.)REDHAIR
D.Precisely cut masonryASHLAR
E.Tidbit to feed a pet geckoHOUSEFLY
F."Trust, but ___" (Russian proverb)VERIFY
G.Vintage fabric for a sou'westerOILCLOTH
H.Container for some sudsWASHTUB
I.Settler in another landEMIGRE
J.Pioneer in overdubbing and multitrack recording (2 wds.)LESPAUL
K.Petticoat or peignoir, e.g.LINGERIE
L.Player on Hartford's former N.H.L. teamWHALER
M.Position of responsibilityOFFICE
N.Helical base for spaghetti sauceROTINI
O.Host of "International Showtime" on 1960s TV (2 wds.)DONAMECHE
P.Name not to be said aloud, to someYAHWEH
Q.Suddenly horripilateSTARTLE
R.Environment conducive to hatching plotsHOTBED
S.Not to be said aloudINEFFABLE
T.The former Volaré, Valiant or VoyagerPLYMOUTH
U.Good source of omega-3 fatty acidsMACKEREL
V.Land, touch down; disembarkALIGHT
W.Something given before many a feastTHANKS
X.Artist with a museum in The HagueESCHER
Y.Sacagawea's tribeSHOSHONE
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