Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 1, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


GEORGE CARLIN, BRAIN DROPPINGS — If you... dine with pretentious people, here are some items... that are sure to impress: diced yak, badger gumbo, ... jackal tartare, ... loin of chipmunk, curried woodpecker, penguin scallopini, sweet-and-sour loon heads, ... wombat souvlaki.

Clues and answers

A.One of refined tastesGOURMET
B.Broiled on small spits or skewers (2 wds.)ENBROCHETTE
C.Medium-dry sherry of SpainOLOROSO
D.Cheesy concoction without meatRAREBIT
E.Composition of some large wheelsGOUDA
F.Long-snouted gobbler of antsECHIDNA
G.Stew whose name derives from the Latin for "cauldron"CHOWDER
H.Menu phrase often redundantly preceded by "with" (2 wds.)AUJUS
I.Tidbit in chutneyRAISIN
J.Word appealing to certain losers (hyph.)LOWFAT
K.Alternative to frozen yogurt (2 wds.)ICEMILK
L.Parasitic denizen of the soilNEMATODE
M.To split down the middle and open the two halves flatBUTTERFLY
N.Small lidless dish for bakingRAMEKIN
O.Symbol of American life (2 wds.)APPLEPIE
P.Like Bordeaux and ChiantiIMPORTED
Q.Given a blast of microwaves (slang)NUKED
R.Potatoes that are pureed with egg yolks and butter, then shaped and brownedDUCHESS
S.Triangular cut taken from the upper part of the round (2 wds.)RUMPSTEAK
T.Request to a breakfast cook (2 wds.)OVEREASY
U.Exemplar of thickness (2 wds.)PEASOUP
V.It may be raised at a tea partyPINKIE
W.Element derived nutritionally from kelpIODINE
X.Standard brewpub items to be dippedNACHOS
Y.Simmered side dish in the SouthGRITS
Z.Swift passerine; amount ingestedSWALLOW
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