Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 9, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ERIC WEINER, (THE) GEOGRAPHY OF BLISS — Until the eighteenth century,... the Garden of Eden... appeared on maps — located, ironically... in what is now... Iraq. European explorers prepared for expeditions in search of paradise by learning Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke.

Clues and answers

A.State sought by pleasure-seekersEUPHORIA
B.Brought back in new formREDUX
C.Motivate by exampleINSPIRE
D.Ground-floor rental?CAMPSITE
E.London entertainment district (2 wds.)WESTEND
F.Far from divine; conceivableEARTHLY
G.Where "sonas" means "happiness"IRELAND
H.Human, in a 1967 Desmond Morris best seller (2 wds.)NAKEDAPE
J.Earn admission to heaven?REPENT
K.Witch who gave Dorothy the ruby slippersGLINDA
L.Devotee of fine food and wineEPICURE
M.Something pulled out for a hymn (2 wds.)ORGANSTOP
N.Land of plenty in ancient EgyptGOSHEN
O.Painter of "The School of Athens"RAPHAEL
P.Residual happinessAFTERGLOW
Q.Quality admired in Cyrano de BergeracPANACHE
R.Vendor of bongs, roach clips, etc. (2 wds.)HEADSHOP
S.Indian of Sonora, MexicoYAQUI
T.California town known for its strawberry fieldsOXNARD
U.Button, buckle, pin or tieFASTEN
V.Driving rock music conducive to dancingBOOGIE
W.Archangel who fell from graceLUCIFER
X.Peace-promoting, conciliatoryIRENIC
Y.Pinniped seen in aquarium shows (2 wds.)SEALION
Z.Appetizer; athlete who's not a substituteSTARTER
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