Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 7, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MARY ROACH, PACKING FOR MARS — Yuri Gagarin... recall[ed] that as he walked the red carpet before the... Central Committee of the Communist Party... and a cheering crowd of thousands, he noticed that his shoelace was undone and could think of nothing else.

Clues and answers

A.A million joules per secondMEGAWATT
B.Literally, "hug around the neck"ACCOLADE
C.Not acting in a natural, human wayROBOTIC
D."Get what I'm saying?" (2 wds.)YOUKNOW
E.Guy in a director's seatRITCHIE
F.Applauder of a Zen master? (2 wds.)ONEHAND
G.Magazine of the National Space Society (2 wds.)ADASTRA
H.Session with Viswanathan Anand (2 wds.)CHESSMATCH
I.Centesimal or centenaryHUNDREDTH
J.Substitute (hyph.)PINCHHIT
K.Deep-sea diver's lifeline (2 wds.)AIRHOSE
L.Instrument whose name means "heavenly"CELESTA
M.Eponym of a space centerKENNEDY
N.Poverty-stricken, needing almsINDIGENT
O.Impossible to locateNOWHERE
P.Powerful Stratego pieceGENERAL
Q.Pulled from left field (hyph.)FARFETCHED
R.Unavailable until later; oblivious (3 wds.)OUTTOLUNCH
S.Godzilla's fellow monster and allyRODAN
T.Zero for making audiences laugh?MOSTEL
U.Fashionable (3 wds.)ALAMODE
V.Essential qualities for success (2 wds.)RIGHTSTUFF
W.Unintended home for bats and pigeonsSTEEPLE
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