Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 7, 1999

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


PANATI('S) EXTRAORDINARY ORIGINS (OF EVERYDAY THINGS) — Despite the popularity ... of toy bears with names such as Bear Mitzvah, Lauren Bearcall, and Humphrey Beargart, the classic bear is still the one named Teddy, who derived his moniker from America's twenty-sixth President.

Clues and answers

A.Alloy made of tin, antimony and copperPEWTER
B.Pollen-bearing part of a flowerANTHER
C.Pitifully ineffectual personNEBBISH
D.Where the Putumayo risesANDES
E.Defeat thoroughlyTHRASH
F.Prolific writer whose autobiography was titled "In Joy Still Felt" (2 wds.)ISAACASIMOV
G.Observe closelyEYEBALL
I.Film spun from a Michael Crichton scriptTWISTER
J.Increase by degrees, with "up"RATCHET
K.Without any particular aim or purposeADRIFT
L.Lionel Bart opusOLIVER
M.Oblique-angled figureRHOMBUS
N.Site of the Pythian gamesDELPHI
O.City by Cayuga's watersITHACA
P."Extra!" callerNEWSBOY
Q.Foes of the TlaxcalaAZTECS
R.Shiner with a rosy hueREDFIN
S.Veil worn by Muslim womenYASHMAK
T.Author of "The Last Leaf" (2 wds.)OHENRY
U.Essential piece of guidanceRUDDER
V.1964 Lennon-McCartney tune (3 wds.)IMALOSER
W.Study promoted by PythagoreansGEOMETRY
X.Indicators of stressITALICS
Y.Irked; stungNETTLED
Z.Reviewed briefly (2 wds.)SUMMEDUP
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