Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 5, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MAYNARD SOLOMON, BEETHOVEN — He was wholly lacking in physical grace: his movements were awkward and clumsy, and he constantly overturned or broke things and tended to spill his inkwell into the piano.... He never learned to dance in time to music.

Clues and answers

A.Insipidly sentimentalMAWKISH
B.Straightedge with a telescopic sightALIDADE
C.Skullcap worn during prayerYARMULKE
D.Pet rock, whoopee cushion or Groucho glassesNOVELTY
E.Classic Diane Keaton role (2 wds.)ANNIEHALL
F.The Duke of Somerset, vis-a-vis Edward VIREGENT
G.Plasterboard (2 wds.)DRYWALL
H.Saying a lot in a few wordsSUCCINCT
I.Subject of Theodoric the GreatOSTROGOTH
J.Hundreds of centesimiLIRE
K.Rebounding (3 wds.)ONTHEMEND
L.1979 #1 hit for the Knack (2 wds.)MYSHARONA
M.The world west of AsiaOCCIDENT
N.Unpredictably close or critical (3 wds.)NIPANDTUCK
O.Oriel, for example (2 wds.)BOWWINDOW
P.Bewitcher like CirceENCHANTRESS
Q.Author of "Juneteenth"ELLISON
R.Durbeyfield of fictionTESS
S.The sport of falconryHAWKING
T.Manhattan Project physicistOPPENHEIMER
U.Composer (ca. 1675-1741) known familiarly as "il prete rosso" (the red priest)VIVALDI
V.Poetically, the clear sky or heavensETHER
W.Tucked one within anotherNESTED
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