Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 4, 2001

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(RICHARD) MANNING, ONE ROUND RIVER — [D]etails of oral tradition often are real. The Mycenaeans were actively working in gold by the time of Jason... . [It] was gathered by staking... fleeces in streams, because the hides had a natural affinity for the precious metal.

Clues and answers

A.Neighbor of GreeceMACEDONIA
B.Arts patron ___ TullyALICE
C.U.S. city lying largely below sea level (2 wds.)NEWORLEANS
D.Noted limestone bust in Berlin's Staatliche MuseumNEFERTITI
E.Dish of mutton, potatoes, onions, etc. (2 wds.)IRISHSTEW
F.Relentless barrage, overwhelming flowNIAGARA
G.First colonial sub-Saharan state to gain independenceGHANA
H.Celebration dating from 1810 also known as the WiesnOKTOBERFEST
I.Person admitted to probationary membership in a religious groupNEOPHYTE
J."Tell Mama" blues and soul singer (2 wds.)ETTAJAMES
K.Period of specialized trainingRESIDENCY
L.Ready-made (hyph.)OFFTHESHELF
M.Possible prelude to warULTIMATUM
N.Song from Cole Porter's 1932 musical "Gay Divorce" (3 wds.)NIGHTANDDAY
P.Vegetable dish of ProvenceRATATOUILLE
Q.1930's-50's actress whose memoirs were titled "Past Imperfect" (2 wds.)ILKACHASE
R.Spacecraft carrying greetings to extraterrestrialsVOYAGER
S.Former Flatbush landmark (2 wds.)EBBETSFIELD
T.Dining hall for monksREFECTORY
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