Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 30, 2003

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


LAURIE COLWIN, HOME COOKING — "I'm stuffing the turkey this year," I told my sister. She was much relieved. ... After all, an unstuffed turkey is like a jigsaw puzzle of the American flag with a piece missing... in the middle. Now... all was restored to order.

Clues and answers

A.Antonio Stradivari, for oneLUTHIER
B.Emotional remoteness (2 wds.)ARMSLENGTH
C.Loose, heavy overcoat, often beltedULSTER
D."What has four wheels and flies?," e.g.RIDDLE
E.Wave transmitted through a nerve fiberIMPULSE
F.Part of Manhattan (2 wds.)EASTSIDE
G.Frankfurter with sauce served on a bun, named after an "island"CONEY
H.Mountain peak first successfully scaled by humans in 1913OLYMPUS
I.Realistic, naturalLIFELIKE
J.One of Gandalf's or Saruman's kindWIZARD
K.Mickey Spillane caper filmed in 1953 in 3-D (3 wds.)ITHEJURY
L.Just invented, but of dubious valueNEWFANGLED
M.Start, in the manner of some thieves (hyph.)HOTWIRE
N.Mob code of silenceOMERTA
O.Acted swiftly, rushed (2 wds.)MADEHASTE
P.Martin Sheen's surname at birthESTEVEZ
Q.Therapeutic release of repressed feelingsCATHARSIS
R.Sequence containing a blooper, perhapsOUTTAKE
S.Not allowed to be visited (hyph.)OFFLIMITS
T.Epithet for Louisiana's Huey LongKINGFISH
U.Adriatic Sea peninsulaISTRIA
V.Fictional sleuth introduced in 1930 (2 wds.)NANCYDREW
W.Sound gratifying to a comedian (2 wds.)GUFFAW
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