Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 3, 2013

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


SETH GODIN, SMALL IS THE NEW BIG — Lobbying for daylight saving time started... about one hundred years ago (just eighty years after time was standardized... [B]efore trains traversed the Continent, it didn't... matter that time was different in different towns).

Clues and answers

A.Oldest U.S. state capital (2 wds.)SANTAFE
B.Hang on through thick and thinENDURE
C.Laugh while trying not toTITTER
D.Hydrotherapy device (2 wds.)HOTTUB
E.High-tech doodadsGADGETRY
F.Not working (2 wds.)OFFDUTY
G.Like two-dimensional map projectionsDISTORTED
H.Use Schedule A when filingITEMIZE
I.Idle chitchat, empty blatherNATTERING
J.Orderly way of proceedingSYSTEM
K.Titular diarist of a Gogol storyMADMAN
L.Having no particular goal or destinationADRIFT
M.Transport for many a corporate executiveLEARJET
N.Pirate involved in the Battle of New OrleansLAFITTE
O.Stated succinctly (2 wds.)INBRIEF
P.Weapons research lab in New MexicoSANDIA
Q.Unattractive bottom feederTOADFISH
R.Tool that can be played with a bowHANDSAW
S.Brand whose logo is a cat jumping through the number 9EVEREADY
T.Total assets less total liabilities (2 wds.)NETWORTH
U.Surrounding area, vicinity, purlieuENVIRONS
V.Rock concert souvenir of sortsWRISTBAND
W.Water under the bridgeBYGONES
X.Stake; concernINTEREST
Y.Hit the jackpot, maybe (2 wds.)GOTRICH
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