Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 3, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(JOHN) UPDIKE, SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS — I tend... to resist dropping consonants... elongating "Worcester" as "Woooster" in acknowledgment of the spurned letters. I pronounce words as they look in print, and hence consistently mispronounce "monk," "sponge" and "Wodehouse."

Clues and answers

A.Fomenting mischief (4 wds.)UPTONOGOOD
B.Potentially explosive situation (2 wds.)POWDERKEG
C.Orator who railed against Philip of MacedonDEMOSTHENES
D.Person with no knowledge of evilINNOCENT
E.Dough folded over a filling and bakedKNISH
F.City called the "Gateway to the North"EDMONTON
G.A tip of the slung?SPOONERISM
H.Study or doctrine concerning the end of the worldESCHATOLOGY
I.He said "When there is freedom, there will be no state"LENIN
J.Completely dry, as a racetrackFAST
L.Stealthily (2 wds.)ONTIPTOE
M.Assets minus liabilities (2 wds.)NETWORTH
N.Movie star whose first film role was in "Julia," 1977STREEP
O.Famous resident of Alcatraz, 1934-39CAPONE
P.Not easily cowedINTREPID
Q.Unconscious, as from a conking (2 wds.)OUTCOLD
R.Like an aquanaut's elementUNDERWATER
S.Bronzed appearanceSUNTAN
T.Longtime Chrysler series that debuted in 1939 (2 wds.)NEWYORKER
U.Subject of Browning's "Home-thoughts, from Abroad"ENGLAND
V.After oxygen, the most abundant element in the earth's crustSILICON
W.Last act (2 wds.)SWANSONG
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