Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 29, 2015

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(LEANNE) SHAPTON, SWIMMING STUDIES — Trying to define what swimming means to me is like looking at a shell... in... clear, still water. ... [O]nce I reach for it, breaking the surface, the ripples refract the shell... and I blindly feel for what I saw perfectly before... .

Clues and answers

A.Car chase sound effectSCREECH
B.Clifford ____, chief engineer of a tunnel under the HudsonHOLLAND
C.Great beyondAFTERLIFE
D.Bicker, niggle, squabblePETTIFOG
E.Reconsider (2 wds.)THINKTWICE
F.Suggestion; donationOFFERING
G.Accordion inlay material, oftenNACRE
H.Habitat for rails and eelgrass (2 wds.)SALTMARSH
I.Professor Lupin of Hogwarts, e.g.WEREWOLF
J.Roman's counterpartITALICS
K.Convert from inches, feet and miles, sayMETRIFY
L.Accessory for the wary tourist (2 wds.)MONEYBELT
M.Dukedom of Shakespeare's OrsinoILLYRIA
N.Goatsucker that feeds on flying insectsNIGHTHAWK
O.Companion policy to perestroikaGLASNOST
P.Cord associated with a doubly slipped reef knotSHOELACE
Q.Dance in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (2 wds.)TIMEWARP
R.Like a Corvair, per a 1965 Ralph Nader bookUNSAFE
S.Marine creature related to the hippopotamusDOLPHIN
U.Linda _____, host of "Nick News"ELLERBEE
V.Position played by Mia Hamm or Lionel MessiSTRIKER
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