Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 28, 2004

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


BOBBIE ANN MASON, CLEAR SPRINGS — All my life I have had a recurrent... dream. I face a buffet or cafeteria line laden with beautiful foods. My anticipation is deliciously agonizing... I always wake up just as I've made my selections but before I get to eat.

Clues and answers

A.Contest involving recipes (hyph.)BAKEOFF
B.Something served at a barOYSTER
C.Indian dish flavored with saffron or turmericBIRYANI
D.Wine that's usually drunk within a few months of being madeBEAUJOLAIS
E.Essential element obtained from seaweedIODINE
F.Form a mixture like mayonnaiseEMULSIFY
G.How some coffee is served (2 wds.)AULAIT
H.Site offering Internet access and things to eatNETCAFE
I.Garnished with anchovies, tomatoes and black olivesNICOISE
J.Mesoamerican stapleMAIZE
K.Extra ingredient for flavor or preservationADDITIVE
L.Baked, as an egg in a dishSHIRRED
M.Controlling one's intake (3 wds.)ONADIET
N.What the potato is to PeruNATIVE
O.Word before salad or specialCHEFS
P.Bread, cabbage, kaleLETTUCE
Q.In need of a mealEMPTY
R.Legume grown for forageALFALFA
S.Pastry made with a cream-cheese doughRUGELACH
T.Grilled meat dipped in peanut sauceSATAY
U.Small decorated cake (2 wds.)PETITFOUR
V.Like the symmetry of a sliced pizzaRADIAL
W.Dessert drink made from frozen ingredients (2 wds.)ICEWINE
X.Ingredient in eggnog and many custardsNUTMEG
Y.Thick soup made from green podsGUMBO
Z.Put in the breadbasket, so to speakSWALLOW
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