Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 27, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(JULIAN) BARNES, KEEPING AN EYE OPEN — [B]y the Sixties... there was Postmodernism, and later post-Postmodernism, and so on until eventually the labels ran out. A literary critic in New York was later to call me a "pre-Postmodernist," a moniker I am still working on.

Clues and answers

A.Last of 40 spaces in a gameBOARDWALK
B.Natural talent; suitabilityAPTITUDE
C.Maurice ____, Canadien who was first in the N.H.L. to score 500 goalsRICHARD
D.What junk food is low inNUTRIENTS
E.Deceased subject of a classic Monty Python skit (hyph.)EXPARROT
F.Accept without questionSWALLOW
G.Hungarian dog breed with a very shaggy coatKOMONDOR
H.One of the Blues BrothersELWOOD
I.Soothing to the skinEMOLLIENT
J.Pertaining to cockatoos, macaws and suchPSITTACINE
L.Forces trained for ops in all terrains (2 wds.)NAVYSEALS
M.Exercising bottoms (2 wds.)GYMSHORTS
N.Myrmecologist's studyANTS
O.Feat that's taboo to talk about while it's in progress (hyph.)NOHITTER
P.Crime-fighter played on TV by Robert Stack (2 wds.)ELIOTNESS
Q.Headwear leaving much of the head uncoveredYARMULKE
R.Perfect, unblemishedERRORLESS
S.Unwilling to be convinced otherwiseOBSTINATE
T.Paper a builder might needPERMIT
U.Formidable rock formation in Yosemite (2 wds.)ELCAPITAN
V.Putative; triflingNOMINAL
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