Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 26, 2006

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


TARAS GRESCOE, (THE) DEVIL'S PICNIC — Satan would favor Epoisses above [other cheeses]... for one compelling reason: its smell. ... [L]ike the spike-husked tropical fruit durian, which is banned in buses in Bangkok, it is illegal to carry Epoisses on the Parisian metro.

Clues and answers

A.Like diners observing some holidaysTHANKFUL
B.Eponym of a popular dietATKINS
C.Member of the mustard familyRADISH
D.Flavoring used in pastis and ouzoANISEED
E.Stay at the table; not make a move (2 wds.)SITTIGHT
F.State producing the most pecansGEORGIA
G.Deep-fried croquetteRISSOLE
H.Foil-wrapped dessert patented in 1922 (2 wds.)ESKIMOPIE
I.Glass holding a pint or more of beerSCHOONER
J.Ingredient of a Tom Collins or gin fizz (2 wds.)CLUBSODA
K.Cellar fan?OENOPHILE
L.Macaroni makeup, usuallyELBOWS
M.Ready for decantingDRINKABLE
N.After-dinner orderESPRESSO
O.Felt in the gutVISCERAL
P.Doughnut for those who enjoy floats? (2 wds.)INNERTUBE
Q.Oft-reviled Norwegian dish typically served in DecemberLUTEFISK
R.Show signs of an appetiteSALIVATE
S."Nuts!" or "Applesauce!"PHOOEY
T.Not passing muster for cleanlinessIMPURE
U.Requirement for polenta or johnnycakesCORNMEAL
V.Designed for dieters, perhapsNONFAT
W.Dish called "stobhach gaelach" in its native land (2 wds.)IRISHSTEW
X.Some roasted poultryCAPONS
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