Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 25, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ROSE) MACAULAY, PERSONAL PLEASURES — How agreeable to watch, from the other side of the high stile, this mighty... bull..., snorting, champing, pawing the earth, lashing the tail, breathing defiance at heaven and me... his heart hot with hate, unable to climb a stile.

Clues and answers

A.Book listing eight BeatitudesMATTHEW
B.Do away with, get rid ofABOLISH
C.William Pitt's earldomCHATHAM
D.Tall hounds with silky coatsAFGHANS
E.Shadow; feeling of piqueUMBRAGE
F.Bleach or buoyLIGHTEN
G.Perpendicular to lengthwiseATHWART
H.Language of kvetchers and schmoozers?YIDDISH
I.Half of a batteryPITCHER
J.Young female in a flock (2 wds.)EWELAMB
K.One point of North Carolina's Research TriangleRALEIGH
L."Do good by ___, and blush to find it fame" (Alexander Pope)STEALTH
M.Constantly busy (3 wds.)ONTHEGO
N."Seinfeld" subject, ostensiblyNOTHING
O.Performer of physical featsATHLETE
P.Figure of speech like "That's not bad!"LITOTES
Q.Sell as genuine, as a cheap imitation (2 wds.)PALMOFF
R.Barely coalified peatLIGNITE
S."One Man's Meat" essayist (3 wds.)EBWHITE
T."River of woe" crossed on the way to HadesACHERON
U.Setting for "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch"SIBERIA
V.Detach from a trailerUNHITCH
W.Exactly; "You said it!" (2 wds.)RIGHTON
X.Plain to seeEVIDENT
Y.Put away, as a poniard or parangSHEATHE
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