Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 23, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(JENNIFER 8.) LEE, (THE) FORTUNE COOKIE CHRONICLES — Chop suey is the greatest culinary prank... one culture has ever played on another. Even its name is an inside joke. ... What Americans once believed to be the "national dish" of China translates to "odds and ends" in Cantonese.

Clues and answers

A.Nutlike Far Eastern fruitLITCHI
B.Word from a server to a dinerENJOY
C.Taken to another planeELEVATED
D."After Apple-Picking" poetFROST
E.Pearl of extraordinary lusterORIENT
F.Like Lincoln's voice, per his biographersREEDY
G.King beaters in pinochleTENS
H.Aptly surnamed man of speed (2 wds.)USAINBOLT
I."All ___ is but art, unknown to thee" (Pope)NATURE
J.Not at all challenging (3 wds.)EASYASPIE
K.Piece typically executed with indexesCHOPSTICKS
L.Go too far (2 wds.)OVERDOIT
M.Author of the 2008 collection "Wild Nights!"OATES
N.Like dough and some tired musclesKNEADED
O.Person free of sin; simpletonINNOCENT
P.One who knows how you feelEMPATH
Q.Traditional dance music of ColombiaCUMBIA
R.Capital founded by conquistadors around 1515HAVANA
S.Unfair price for sushi? (2 wds.)RAWDEAL
T.Ancient Greek theaterODEON
U.A lot of hooeyNONSENSE
V.Feature of some modern kitchensISLAND
W.Where Sam served NormCHEERS
X.Like many believers in Lake WobegonLUTHERAN
Y.Like Italian or Thai foodETHNIC
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