Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 21, 2021

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(Christoph Wilhelm) Hufeland, (The Art of) Prolonging Life — Laughter is one of the greatest helps to digestion with which I am acquainted, and the custom prevalent among our forefathers of exciting it at table by jesters and buffoons was founded upon true medical principles.

Clues and answers

A.Stock figure in commedia dell'arteHARLEQUIN
B.Positive, cheery, hopefulUPBEAT
C.Thanksgiving centerpieceFEAST
D.Hearty support, gusto, zestENTHUSIASM
E.Repast redux?LEFTOVERS
F.Stomach-calming preparationANTACID
G.Hardly, to the contrary (3 wds.)NOTSOMUCH
H.Large vessel for wine or ciderDEMIJOHN
I.Ginny Weasley's married namePOTTER
J.Titular fool in a Verdi operaRIGOLETTO
K.Ad-libbed, onstage (hyph.)OFFSCRIPT
L.Old-fashioned pantryLARDER
M.Bests à la Till Eulenspiegel of German folkloreOUTWITS
N.Libation meant to be soporificNIGHTCAP
O.Sustainable energy (2 wds.)GREENPOWER
P.What yawning is said to beINFECTIOUS
Q.Art movement associated with John Cage and Yoko Ono (hyph.)NEODADA
R.Intuition, hunch (2 wds.)GUTFEELING
S."Paileontology" collectibleLUNCHBOX
T.Vulgar or kitschy (3 wds.)INBADTASTE
U.Ready to dig in, and then someFAMISHED
V.Piffle, malarkey, flapdoodleEYEWASH
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