Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 21, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(MICHELE) ROBERTS, PLAYING SARDINES — Our father liked his food, but it had to be British. ... Paella, spaghetti and couscous were forbidden suitors at our door. No daughter of mine, our father seemed to imply, will keep company with a sweet potato, a mango, or yam.

Clues and answers

A.Handouts from quartermastersRATIONS
B.Past expiration (3 wds.)OUTOFDATE
C.Descriptive of some oak-aged ChardonnaysBUTTERY
D.Legendary French chef who wrote "Le Guide Culinaire"ESCOFFIER
E.Lean cut of beef (2 wds.)RUMPSTEAK
F.Meant to be tossed after useTHROWAWAY
G.Beverage made in a blenderSMOOTHIE
H.Like fruits and vegetables, typicallyPERISHABLE
I.Kind of diet that typically emphasizes fruits and vegetables (hyph.)LOWFAT
J.Kind of soup named for the morsels in itALPHABET
K.Season for glogg and lutefisk, in ScandinaviaYULETIDE
L.Like products from foreign landsIMPORTED
M.Patron of a 24-hour diner, maybe (2 wds.)NIGHTOWL
N.Brand peddled by truck drivers (2 wds.)GOODHUMOR
O.Eating from the same dishSHARING
P.Neil Simon's "Maxim's of the disenfranchised"AUTOMAT
Q.Cuba libre, essentially (3 wds.)RUMANDCOKE
R.Pastry said to originate in ViennaDANISH
S.Accessible to someone out to lunch? (hyph.)IDIOTPROOF
T.Ingredients for pad thai or tuna casseroleNOODLES
U.Enjoyer of fine cuisine; gourmetEPICURE
V.Place to find scallops, oysters or clamsSEABED
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