Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 2, 2014

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DAVA SOBEL, GALILEO'S DAUGHTER — Galileo arrived at [the]... relationship between distance and time without... a reliable unit of measure or an accurate clock. Italy possessed no national standards..., gauging... by flea's eyes, hairbreadths,... hand spans,... and the like.

Clues and answers

A.Full, rich outpouring of melodious sound; tuning forkDIAPASON
B.Heed an alarm; come to lifeAWAKEN
C.Ready to erupt at any momentVOLATILE
D.Profoundly badABYSMAL
E.Body with rings that were first seen in 1610SATURN
F.Angle-determining instrument used in celestial navigationOCTANT
G.Engage in a b-boying battle (hyph.)BREAKDANCE
H.Ground zero for a temblorEPICENTER
I.Realm of Croesus, now part of TurkeyLYDIA
J.Worker also known as an aurifexGOLDSMITH
K.Come before, be older thanANTEDATE
L.Balance in the skyLIBRA
M.Rashly, without due consideration (2 wds.)INHASTE
N.Complying with the rulesLAWFUL
O.Act of climbing the walls as a siege tacticESCALADE
P.Kowtowing or bowingOBEISANT
Q.Horn signaling the end of Yom KippurSHOFAR
R.Long coat worn in westernsDUSTER
S.Cooper, potter or weaver, e.g.ARTISAN
T.Surplus; idle; pristineUNUSED
U.Band with the 1986 hit "Land of Confusion"GENESIS
V.Acme, climax, zenith, peak (2 wds.)HIGHPOINT
W.Idea-based; speculativeTHEORETIC
X.Give a stamp of approvalENDORSE
Y.Physics Nobelist of 1904 who explained why the sky is blueRAYLEIGH
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