Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 2, 2003

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(JOHN) MCPHEE, THE CONTROL OF NATURE — Southern Louisiana exists in its present form because the Mississippi River has jumped here and there within an arc... two hundred miles wide, like a pianist playing with one hand, frequently... surging in new directions.

Clues and answers

A.Showing lofty dignity or nobilityMAJESTIC
B.Symbol of a human life, to Macbeth in Act VCANDLE
C.As playful as a spritePIXIEISH
D.Tantrum (2 wds.)HISSYFIT
E.Colors flown by a ship to show its nationalityENSIGN
F.Eurus, in Greek mythology (2 wds.)EASTWIND
G.Like ancient Antioch, todayTURKISH
H.Have a smashing success (3 wds.)HITITBIG
I.Welcome sight to an organic gardenerEARTHWORM
J.Nancy who provides the voice of Bart SimpsonCARTWRIGHT
K.Serendipitous in the timingOPPORTUNE
L.In psychiatry, the delusion that nothing is realNIHILISM
M.Too busy to get away (2 wds.)TIEDUP
N."He who would write and can't write, can surely ___" (J. R. Lowell)REVIEW
O.Woman kept in a haremODALISQUE
P.1974 biopic directed by Bob FosseLENNY
Q.Not exactly close-fought (hyph.)ONESIDED
R.One good at making new frondsFERN
S.Biting midge also called a punkie (hyph.)NOSEEUM
T.Broadway musical that first starred Andrea McArdleANNIE
U.Subject of a series of framesTENPINS
V.Mystical scriptures of HinduismUPANISHADS
W.Indian monkey; Thracian king slain near TroyRHESUS
X.Chief justice in the Brown v. Board of Education case (2 wds.)EARLWARREN
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