Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 19, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


BETTY FUSSELL, MY KITCHEN WARS — [T]he French... christened the kitchen arsenal the batterie de cuisine.... To satisfy [hunger] is to do battle, deploying a full range of artillery — crushers, scrapers, beaters, roasters, gougers, grinders, to name but a few... implements....

Clues and answers

A.Dish served with a dollop of sour creamBORSCHT
B.Master chef (1846-1935) at London's Savoy Hotel and Carlton HouseESCOFFIER
C.Succulent and easy to eatTENDER
D.Amino acid popularly held responsible for "turkey coma"TRYPTOPHAN
E.Bakery stapleYEAST
F.Nut often found in biscottiFILBERT
G.Spatula or corkscrew, e.g.UTENSIL
H.Finger food whose name means "it is sour"SUSHI
I.Purchase in a charcuterieSAUSAGE
J.Ravenous, greedyESURIENT
K.What Mrs. Sprat eschewedLEAN
L.Main course for a cannibal (2 wds.) LONGPIG
M.Sage, rosemary or thymeMINT
N.Common smoothie ingredientYOGURT
O.Dish from India with fish, rice and lentilsKEDGEREE
P.Summertime refresher (2 wds.)ICEDTEA
Q.A toothpick, possibly, for cooksTESTER
R.Sauce-thickening agentCORNSTARCH
S.What's wrapped around a pickle to make a rollmopHERRING
T.Between-courses or auxiliary part of a mealENTREMETS
U.Soft, creamy cheeseNEUFCHATEL
V.Dish said to have been invented by maitre d'hotel Oscar Tschirky (2 wds.)WALDORFSALAD
W.Food of the godsAMBROSIA
X.Cranberry preparation, perhapsRELISH
Y.Light, fruity dessertSHERBET
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