Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 18, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ARTHUR C.) CLARKE, PROFILES OF THE FUTURE — The most convincing argument against time travel is the remarkable scarcity of time travelers. However unpleasant our age may appear to the future, surely one would expect scholars and students to visit us if... possible.

Clues and answers

A.1985 novel of alien encountersCONTACT
B.Stuff of intolerance, for someLACTOSE
C.Go downhill, but not precipitouslyATROPHY
D.What forklift drivers may operate inREVERSE
E.Where the White Nile meets the Blue NileKHARTOUM
F.Working ranch for gauchosESTANCIA
G.Snag in many a logic problemPARADOX
H.Get a fresh start, metaphoricallyREWIND
I.Robin Hood, per the Sheriff of NottinghamOUTLAW
J.Chip off a block, e.g.FRAGMENT
K.Freedom from punishmentIMPUNITY
L.Lottery winner's option (2 wds.)LUMPSUM
M.Area troubled by Burmese pythonsEVERGLADES
N.Straight sides of a racecourseSTRETCHES
O."You can see a lot just by ___" (Yogi Berra)OBSERVING
P.High-pressure and high-risk lifestyle (2 wds.)FASTLANE
Q.Turner Prize awarder for artTATE
R.Brand name on a Ding Dongs boxHOSTESS
S.Bill Clinton, for Nixon, or George W. Bush, for ReaganEULOGIST
T.Artists like Matisse and Derain in the early 1900s FAUVES
U.One of two on a Monopoly boardUTILITY
V.Lose control of an umiak, e.g. (2 wds.)TIPOVER
W."Thus Spoke Zarathustra" conceptUBERMENSCH
X.Pertaining to frogsRANINE
Y.Race invented by H. G. WellsELOI
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