Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 14, 2004

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MARY (PAUMIER) JONES, (THE) OPPOSITE OF SAFFRON — A curious thing has happened to syzygy; time can do strange things to words... Originally referring to the conjunction of two heavenly bodies,... the word has [since] become one of those few whose meaning includes its opposite.

Clues and answers

A.Seemingly self-contradictory term for a son (hyph.)MANCHILD
B.Anything, or nothingAUGHT
C.Quit, or agreed to keep working?RESIGNED
D.The union of two opposing forces in nature (hyph.)YINYANG
E.Having two contrary aspects; duplicitous (hyph.)JANUSFACED
F.Watchful care, or lack of watchfulnessOVERSIGHT
G.Oxymoronic term for "Moving right along ..." (2 wds.)NOWTHEN
H.One who's self-centeredEGOTIST
I.Missourian demand (2 wds.)SHOWME
J.What's meant to be covert but is overt (2 wds.)OPENSECRET
K.Oscar winner for "Lilies of the Field"POITIER
L.Kid working on a farmPLOWBOY
M.Sound in a Sousa march, perhapsOOMPAH
N.Be overwhelmed by ecstasy or loveSWOON
O.Not the right way to be left? (3 wds.)INTHELURCH
P.Game originally called sphairistikeTENNIS
Q.Nymph spurned by NarcissusECHO
R.On the way outOBSOLESCENT
S.Swiftly moving, or firmly fixedFAST
T.Romantic lead in the film "Ghost"SWAYZE
U.Line like Iago's "O, you are well tuned now!"ASIDE
V.Punishment for something bad, or goodFINE
W.Bubbly stuff; lightweight entertainmentFROTH
X.Dishonestly manipulatedRIGGED
Y.Like campers and backpackersOUTDOORSY
Z.Nerve poison taken in low concentrations as a stimulantNICOTINE
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