Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 13, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(JENNIFER) ACKERMAN, THE GENIUS OF BIRDS — Many birds open nuts... and eggs... . The vampire finch of the Galapagos... breaks... the large eggs of boobies by bracing its beak on the ground and booting the egg with both feet to crack it against rocks or roll it over a cliff.

Clues and answers

A.Chemist's name attached to a law and a constantAVOGADRO
B.Swimming pool scentCHLORINE
C.Restrained; held in reserve (2 wds.)KEPTBACK
D.White denizen of the EvergladesEGRET
E.Warning not to be taken lightly (2 wds.)REDFLAG
F.Dance popular at the court of King Louis XIVMINUET
G.Monastery V.I.P.ABBOT
H.Quick and sure, deftNIMBLE
I.Mexican state bordering GuatemalaTABASCO
J.Balneotherapy site (2 wds.)HOTSPRING
K.Do the opposite of gloat (2 wds.)EATCROW
L.Sugar found in dairy productsGALACTOSE
M.Bring on board; lock horns withENGAGE
N.1978 anthology of Stephen King stories (2 wds.)NIGHTSHIFT
O.Gambler of sorts, what an angel might beINVESTOR
P.Clear out, free up, restore access toUNBLOCK
Q.Reasoning that sounds plausible but is flawedSOPHISTRY
R.Where banks may be found to provide shelterOFFSHORE
S.Wares on the moveFREIGHT
T.Playful exchange of pleasantriesBADINAGE
U.Author of "The Wild Duck"IBSEN
V.Informer, snitchRATFINK
W.Request usually frowned upon by French chefs (2 wds.)DOGGYBAG
X.Cool, calm, quietSOOTHE
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