Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 13, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(LYNNE) TRUSS, EATS, SHOOTS AND LEAVES — For a(ny)... true stickler, the sight of the plural word Book's with an apostrophe in it will trigger a ghastly private emotional process similar to... bereavement. ... Shock gives way to disbelief, disbelief to pain, and pain to anger.

Clues and answers

A.Split infinitive from "Star Trek" (3 wds.)TOBOLDLYGO
B.Characterized by tautologyREPETITIVE
C.Any expression coming out of your mouthUTTERANCE
D.Quality of "Mississippi"SIBILANCE
E.Announce the cessation of a broadcast (2 wds.)SIGNOFF
F.Reviser of Strunk's The Elements of Style (3 wds.)EBWHITE
G.Qualifiers of clausesADVERBS
H.Contents of an iconic Macintosh computer canTRASH
I.One of two in "Pac-Man" (2 wds.)SHORTA
J.Invitees to a seance?SPIRITS
K.Risky matter to handle (2 wds.)HOTPOTATO
L.Playwright who said of critics "I love every bone in their heads"ONEILL
M.British author who coined the term "cold war"ORWELL
N.One skilled in alterationsTAILOR
O.Online magazine whose founding editor was Michael KinsleySLATE
P.Like phrasing that goes clunkAWKWARD
Q.Quibbler; grammatical fault-finderNITPICKER
R.Three-dimensional replica of a sceneDIORAMA
S.Expert on words and grammarLINGUIST
T.Receivers of aural signalsEARPHONES
U.Aphorism, maxim, adageAPOTHEGM
V.10th-century warriors who spoke Old NorseVIKINGS
W.Likeness of a reviled personEFFIGY
X.Communication that involves a lot of arm-wavingSEMAPHORE
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