Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 12, 2017

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ZEEYA) MERALI, (A) BIG BANG IN A LITTLE ROOM — Before the digital age, if you tuned your TV to somewhere between channels, it would show the faint hum of white noise or snow. One percent of that snow was actually made up of radiation left over by the big bang.

Clues and answers

A.Fabric with a rippled patternMOIRE
B.Actor for whom a Shubert Alley theater is named (2 wds.)EDWINBOOTH
C.Oft-repeated performanceROUTINE
D.Off-kilter, catawampusAWRY
E.Driver apt to be apprehended by a speed trapLEADFOOT
F.All bent out of shape (3 wds.)INAHUFF
G.Exhibit of jovial warmth (2 wds.)BEARHUG
H.Burly singer of folk songsIVES
I.Filling for some chocolate trufflesGANACHE
J.Danger for a driver while being passed (2 wds.)BLINDSPOT
K.Good-natured, friendlyAFFABLE
L.Style spurning tradition (2 wds.)NEWWAVE
M.Supplement brand marketed to seniorsGERITOL
N.Race whose winner is given a bottle of milk, informallyINDY
O.Circle of light, haloNIMBUS
P.Vice president who resigned in 1973AGNEW
Q.Drifted apart, got disconnected (2 wds.)LOSTTOUCH
R.React to urushiol or urticariaITCH
S.Plagiarism or piracyTHEFT
T.Canary who "taw a puddy tat"TWEETY
U.Not covering the ankle, as sneakers (hyph.)LOWTOP
V.Field of vision, seeable rangeEYESHOT
W."Stick of tea," to hepcatsREEFER
X.Unmitigated, thorough, utter (hyph.)OUTANDOUT
Y.River diverted to Los Angeles in 1913OWENS
Z.Love letter (2 wds.)MASHNOTE
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