Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 12, 2006

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ROBERT SULLIVAN, CROSS COUNTRY — In the interstates are traces of our first explorations, our impenetrable mountain passes, our old Santa Fe Trail, our pioneers' path to Oregon, our race to California's gold, our first nation-spanning... private highways.

Clues and answers

A.Where Boston motorists go in circlesROTARIES
B.Playing gigs from town to town (2 wds.)ONTOUR
C.Ramblers across the WestBISON
D.Grease monkeys' specialtiesENGINES
E.Travel without the conveniences of modern civilization (2 wds.)ROUGHIT
F.Flow studied by some helicopter crewsTRAFFIC
G.Part of Mexico south of ArizonaSONORA
H.Moving truck (hyph.)UHAUL
I.Louie, to one at the wheel (2 wds.)LEFTTURN
J.The main point of a Punjabi mapLAHORE
K.Working jobs from place to placeITINERANT
L.Creator of an epic travelogueVIRGIL
M.Get done by a robot - or a fellow car-pooler?AUTOMATE
N.Changes from three lanes to two, sayNARROWS
O.Two-wheeled vehicles for artillery ammunitionCAISSONS
P.Assistants for those who are Answer B.ROADIES
Q.Incessantly in motion (3 wds.)ONTHEGO
R.Plus for a driver, minus for a model (2 wds.)SPARETIRE
S.Christopher, to travelers, e.g.SAINT
T.TV show with many vehicular pursuitsCOPS
U.Egress from a major pike (hyph.)OFFRAMP
V.Toward Lake Placid from Poughkeepsie, sayUPSTATE
W.Without ever interrupting the tripNONSTOP
X.Object of exhaustive automotive research?TAILPIPE
Y.Bar serving motorists? (2 wds.)REARAXLE
Z.At a distance, but within sightYONDER
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