Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 11, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


WILLIAM CONNOR, DAILY MIRROR — Turkey has practically no taste except a dry fibrous flavor reminiscent of... warmed-up plaster... and horse hair. The texture is like wet sawdust and the whole vast feathered swindle has the piquancy of a boiled mattress.

Clues and answers

A.Diner's choice on Thanksgiving Day (2 wds.)WHITEMEAT
B.City where Byzantium used to beISTANBUL
C.For a Thanksgiving bird in the wild, it's about 10 years (2 wds.)LIFESPAN
D.River of oblivion-inducing quaffsLETHE
E.TV show with competitive cooks (2 wds.)IRONCHEF
F.Bantam ratite native to New ZealandAPTERYX
G.Dark yellow or light olive brownMUSTARD
H.Newspaper pen name used by the author of this puzzle's quotationCASSANDRA
I.Soup ingredient from a bovineOXTAIL
J.Tradition-bucking trend (2 wds.)NEWWAVE
K.Exemplar of concisionNUTSHELL
L.What abalone and baloney do, to a great extentOVERLAP
M."The King of Cheeses"ROQUEFORT
N.Fell off the wagonDRANK
O.Made with cranberries instead of raisins, e.g.ADAPTED
P.Dish with mutton and potatoes (2 wds.)IRISHSTEW
Q.Woman much given to salt? (2 wds.)LOTSWIFE
R.Frothy; ebullient; creativeYEASTY
S.Categorically pair, as beans and rice (2 wds.)MATCHUP
T.Chiller set in a restaurant (2 wds.)ICEBUCKET
U.Discussed again and again, as a diner dish?REHASHED
V.Seafood also known as channel bassREDFISH
W.Meal for Carroll's Walrus and CarpenterOYSTERS
X.Turned on a spitROTATED
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