Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 11, 2001

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


HOLLANDER, DOUBLE DACTYL — Higgledy, piggledy,/ Benjamin Harrison/ Twenty-third president/ Was, and as such,/ Served between Clevelands, and/ Save for this trivial/ Idiosyncrasy,/ Didn't do much.

Clues and answers

A.Imperial age accessible as well as unpleasant (2 wds.)HANDYNASTY
B.Repeatedly derived from X?OFTEN
C.Diddle playfully with a topLIDDED
D.Officers bury me in yardLAWMEN
E.Endlessly yearning for a headache cureASPIRIN
F.Men-at-arms discussed times to restNIGHTS
G.Artist making pictures profit when shown backwardDRAWER
H.Team of rowers, for example, possessing affirmative visionEYESIGHT
I.Resume in need of fixing up (hyph.)RUNDOWN
J.Find circle on top of forked stickDISCOVERY
K.Kicks thingsOBJECTS
L.Seat for that lady behind our groupUSHER
M.Cheer up English Channel port in speechBRIGHTEN
N.After 54, I would paleLIVID
O.Tip for Kennedy, ignoring the oddsEND
P.Cutting first of doughnuts with frostingDICING
Q.Summer snakeADDER
R.Noisily munches many a heroCHAMPS
S.Orally recite the story of the first woman in a Mediterranean city (2 wds.)TELAVIV
T.Cause of ferment for Rowdy Yates?YEAST
U.Girl in mirror with face obliteratedLASS
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