Acrostic Solution for Sunday, November 1, 2015

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DAVID K. RANDALL, DREAMLAND — [W]e have so much artificial light that after a[n]... earthquake knocked out... power, some residents of Los Angeles called the police to report a strange "giant, silvery cloud"... . It was the Milky Way. They had never seen it before... .

Clues and answers

A.Stretch during a stoppage of workDOWNTIME
B.Bowl over, floor, flabbergastASTONISH
C.Displacement divided by time, in a physics equationVELOCITY
D.Kazuo ____, author of "The Remains of the Day"ISHIGURO
E.Topple, unseatDETHRONE
F.Arthur who wrote "Darkness at Noon"KOESTLER
G.Device for regulating Answer KRHEOSTAT
I.Opposite of an early bird (2 wds.)NIGHTOWL
J.Not subject to taxes, as foreign goods (hyph.)DUTYFREE
K.Magnitude of electric currentAMPERAGE
L.Latin Quarter setting (2 wds.)LEFTBANK
M.Central plot item in "Dial M for Murder"LATCHKEY
N.Fit together perfectlyDOVETAIL
O.Style of cheese made in MexicoRANCHERO
P.Barriers placed in canalsEARPLUGS
Q.Outdoors, in the open airALFRESCO
R.Flavor-imparting fuel for grillersMESQUITE
S.Cut deeply and jaggedlyLACERATE
T.Orbital point farthest from the sunAPHELION
U.Magazine merged with The Daily Beast from 2010 to 2013NEWSWEEK
V.Preferred working hours for most laborers (2 wds.)DAYSHIFT
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