Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 9, 2011

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(WALT) WHITMAN, AN AMERICAN PRIMER — The appetite of the people of these States, in popular speeches and writings, is for unhemmed latitude, coarseness, directness, live epithets, expletives, words of opprobrium.... I understand because I have the taste myself.

Clues and answers

A.Online video gamer's exclamation of joyWOOT
B.Someone who's really got "it" (2 wds.)HOTSTUFF
C.With heels over headINVERTED
D.Achievement of a dynastic sports franchiseTHREEPEAT
E.Follower of John and Charles WesleyMETHODIST
F.Codicil or addendumAPPENDIX
G.Support at the end of a flight (2 wds.)NEWELPOST
H.Red who was with the Boston Celtics for 56 yearsAUERBACH
I.Phobia, anxiety or hypochondriaNEUROSIS
J.Where a centerboard is locatedAMIDSHIPS
K.Condition of imposed inactivity, metaphoricallyMOTHBALLS
L.Edmond Dantes, with respect to the Chateau d'IfESCAPEE
M.Having experienced oxcart traffic, sayRUTTED
N.Overrun to a point of botherationINFESTED
O.Upbeat, bright, optimisticCHEERFUL
P.What may go down the hatch preprandiallyAPERITIF
Q.Fresh convert; rookieNEOPHYTE
R.That in which history is written (2 wds.)PASTTENSE
S.Got to run faster (2 wds.)REVVEDUP
T.Having two-legged equalityISOSCELES
U.Item designed to strike from a distanceMISSILE
V.Covert gathering of intelligenceESPIONAGE
W.What's signaled by a black box among five horizontal linesREST
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