Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 8, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(MEL) ROSEN (AND STAN KURZBAN), PUZZLE MAKER'S HANDBOOK — You will discover a tempo to... acrostic puzzles. At first the paucity of known letters allows... only snaillike progress. But with a few... lucky wild guesses, a... glimmer of recognition breaks the stalemate and the pace quickens.

Clues and answers

A.Fish that attaches itself to sharks by means of a sucking diskREMORA
B.Government in the hands of a fewOLIGARCHY
C.Element obtained by the Frasch processSULFUR
D.Milton's "Lycidas" or Arnold's "Thyrsis"ELEGY
E.Diamond figure's dream come true (hyph.)NOHITTER
F."In old days men had the rack. Now they have the ___" (Wilde)PRESS
G.Frank, open, direct (hyph.)UPFRONT
H.General characteristics of a particular periodZEITGEIST
I.Photographer's tool (2 wds.)ZOOMLENS
J.Home run (2 wds.)LONGBALL
K.One whose court testimony is crucialEYEWITNESS
L.British nobleman ranking below a dukeMARQUESS
M.Behaving in an artificial way to impressAFFECTED
N.Site of a 59-second flight (2 wds.)KITTYHAWK
O.Supposed emanation from a spiritualistECTOPLASM
P.Country bumpkinRUSTIC
Q.Galatea, before Aphrodite's giftSTATUE
R.Attack; strike (2 wds.)HAVEAT
S.Admit formally; receive with favorACCEPT
T.Bay of ___, inlet of the Tyrrhenian SeaNAPLES
U.Antelope less than two feet tall (hyph.)DIKDIK
V.Name for the theory that language evolved from the imitations of natural soundsBOWWOW
W.1 followed by 27 zerosOCTILLION
X.Eyelike spot on a peacock featherOCELLUS
Y.Civic group founded in 1915KIWANIS
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