Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 7, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ROY BLOUNT, ALPHABET JUICE — [Trying] to spell... the... sounds that pigs make... isn't easy. ... Chickens being more articulate, you'll find their noises to be... similar the world round. Baby chicks go peep peep in English, pio pio in Spanish, piyo piyo in Japanese.

Clues and answers

A.Fail to keep up with demand (2 wds.)RUNSHORT
B.Article of sailor's attireOILSKIN
C.1960s rebel like Abbie Hoffman or Jerry RubinYIPPIE
D.Colorado's official state animalBIGHORN
E.Any D'Oyly Carte production (2 wds.)LIGHTOPERA
F.Hole, mouth, apertureORIFICE
G.N.Y. setting for some September smashes (2 wds.)USOPEN
H.Movie promoted with the tagline "Garbo laughs"NINOTCHKA
I.Precipitous and out-of-control downturnTAILSPIN
J.Condition induced by acupunctureANESTHESIA
K.Accidental aid for a famous Bobby Jones shot (2 wds.)LILYPAD
L.Attic orator, general and patron of the artsPERICLES
M."I could eat a horse" or "We laughed our heads off," e.g.HYPERBOLE
N.Silky-coated cat with long legsABYSSINIAN
O.Monarch's defense against predators (2 wds.)BADTASTE
P.Cause of many a sci-fi apocalypseEPIDEMIC
Q.Preordained course of study?THEOLOGY
R.One way to drain a bucket, so to speak (2 wds.)JUMPSHOT
S.Period of economic recoveryUPSWING
T.Actress whose father wrote and sang "Atlantis" (2 wds.)IONESKYE
U.Charge against the Hollywood Ten in 1947CONTEMPT
V.Envelope-pushing qualityEDGINESS
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