Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 4, 2015

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


AMY LEACH, THINGS THAT ARE — [T]he Jackson's chameleon... will by mistake grab... its own forehead-horns and then panic, wrestling itself, frantic to escape its own... grasp, a one-reptile bedlam... . As... sunbeams... mix... around the thrashing chameleon, it can shift... hues... .

Clues and answers

A.Surrounding, as sound or lightAMBIENT
B.Author of "Gone With the Wind"MITCHELL
C.Establishment often headed by a commodore (2 wds.)YACHTCLUB
D.Numbskull, nitwit, moronLAMEBRAIN
E.Enlarge, stretch, dilateEXPAND
F.Starry pattern, constellationASTERISM
G.Bad place for a bull (2 wds.)CHINASHOP
H.Comic strip about a wisecracking catHEATHCLIFF
I.Game Eva Gabor famously played on TV with Johnny Carson in 1966TWISTER
J.Product of manual laborHANDIWORK
K.Going on and on and on and onINCESSANT
L.Procedure for amending a bill? (2 wds.)NOSEJOB
M.Fine, filmy cobwebGOSSAMER
N.The old man in "The Old Man and the Sea"SANTIAGO
O.Brontophobia triggerTHUNDERCLAP
P.Connie in the Basketball Hall of FameHAWKINS
Q.Deification; highest idealAPOTHEOSIS
R.Boy Scout rank below Second ClassTENDERFOOT
S.What a colored ribbon may signify nowadaysAWARENESS
T.Brightly shining, luminousREFULGENT
U.Soldiers on the losing side at HastingsENGLISHMEN
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