Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 31, 2004

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


[David J.] Skal, Death Makes a Holiday — The story of Jack-o'-Lantern parallels that of Will-o'-the-Wisp; both... personify... fool's-fire, or ignis fatuus — the phosphorescent swamp gas long known in... Britain, and sometimes used today as a[n]... explanation for UFO sightings.

Clues and answers

A.Political platform?SOAPBOX
B.Historical drama with Lord Bigot and Philip the Bastard (2 wds.)KINGJOHN
C.Incendiary, firebugARSONIST
D.Flooring material patented in 1863LINOLEUM
E.British cult sci-fi TV series that debuted in 1963 (2 wds.)DOCTORWHO
F.Brightly shining, luminousEFFULGENT
G.Renunciation of a former beliefAPOSTASY
H."The ___ of his face sours ripe grapes" (Shakespeare)TARTNESS
I.Shrimp, peanut (2 wds.)HALFPINT
J.Public declaration of principlesMANIFESTO
K.Jimmy Carter's alma materANNAPOLIS
L.Rude dismissal (hyph.)KISSOFF
M.Theodora or Eugenie, e.g.EMPRESS
N.Move sinuouslySLITHER
O.Supreme Court justice appointed by L.B.J. (2 wds.)ABEFORTAS
P.All out of kilterHAYWIRE
Q.Musician among the ArgonautsORPHEUS
R.Costume for Johnny Weissmuller or Ben KingsleyLOINCLOTH
S.On board an aircraft (hyph.)INFLIGHT
T.Lower in status or esteemDOWNGRADE
U.Mineral whose hardness defines 5 on the Mohs scaleAPATITE
V.___ State University, home of the PenguinsYOUNGSTOWN
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