Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 30, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


CRAIG PITTMAN, OH, FLORIDA! — The mosquitoes are bloodthirstier than any Twilight vampire. Sharks lurk just offshore, ready to chomp on your leg... . Alligators show up at your picnic... . And without any warning, the ground is liable to swallow you up.

Clues and answers

A.Sign of nervousness (2 wds.)COLDSWEAT
B.Diet of those who would be queens (2 wds.)ROYALJELLY
C.What a scepter symbolizesAUTHORITY
D.Positive but qualified assertion (3 wds.)ITHINKSO
E.Site of a onetime boom and bust (2 wds.)GHOSTTOWN
F.Source of the line "An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips"PROVERBS
G.Slightest ideaINKLING
H.Enigma that's hard to crack (2 wds.)TOUGHNUT
I.Name associated with a "burping seal"TUPPERWARE
J.Classic Rube Goldberg-like board game first published by Ideal (2 wds.)MOUSETRAP
K.Athlete with the memoir "Days of Grace" (2 wds.)ARTHURASHE
L.Connecticut city called "The Rose of New England"NORWICH
M.Concubine in a sultan's seraglioODALISQUE
N.Call home (2 wds.)HAILFROM
O.Unopposed chance to score a point (2 wds.)FOULSHOT
P.Skits with pie fights or lewd jokes (2 wds.)LOWCOMEDY
Q.Deferential to a slavish degreeOBEISANT
R.Hole in one or triple play, e.g.RARITY
S.Saint who founded the JesuitsIGNATIUS
T.Make light of, de-emphasizeDOWNPLAY
U.Feeling too hot and too cold by turnsAGUISH
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