Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 24, 2021

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MARIA KONNIKOVA, (THE) BIGGEST BLUFF — Texas hold'em creates a... useful balance between skill and chance. Two hole cards is just about as practical a ratio as you can have: enough unknown to make the game a good simulation of life, but not... a total crapshoot.

Clues and answers

A.Do the same asMATCH
B.Free of debt; bobbing on the surfaceAFLOAT
C.Uncrunched numbers (2 wds.)RAWDATA
D.Unique; set apart; remoteISOLATED
E.Join hands? (2 wds.)ANTEUP
F.Bingo-like gambling game, or, aptly, call letters for a radio station in Las VegasKENO
G.Consequence, end resultOUTCOME
H.1955 Triple Crown winner but for a Derby loss to SwapsNASHUA
I.Any note in the key of CNATURAL
J.Colluding stealthily (2 wds.)INCAHOOTS
K.Community poolKITTY
L.Goal, purpose, aim; protestOBJECT
M.Setting for the original "CSI" series, in briefVEGAS
O.Landmark in Dodge City, Kan. (2 wds.)BOOTHILL
P.Irrational motive for actingIMPULSE
Q.Give rise to, spark, triggerGENERATE
R.License, thumbs-up, nod (hyph.)GOAHEAD
S.Racetrack wager with long oddsEXACTA
T.Italian tourist locale on the MediterraneanSANREMO
U.Decidedly flip? (3 wds.)TOSSACOIN
V.Anticipating a losing streakBEARISH
W.Capital of India's Uttar Pradesh stateLUCKNOW
X.Terse concessionUNCLE
Y.Confront with an air of confidence (2 wds.)FACEDOWN
Z.Surge of emotion; directly abuttingFLUSH
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