Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 24, 1999

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


JON KRAKAUER: INTO THIN AIR — The ink-black... summit... stood out in stark relief.... Thrust high into the jet stream, the mountain ripped a visible gash in the... hurricane, sending forth a plume of ice crystals that trailed to the east like a long silk scarf.

Clues and answers

A.Dessert often made from fruit (hyph.)JELLO
B.1943 Nobel Prize-winning physicist (2 wds.)OTTOSTERN
C.Engage in pettifoggeryNITPICK
D.Leading frog of filmdomKERMIT
E.Showy sort of jam (2 wds.)REVERSEDUNK
F.Nonsensical piece of writingAMPHIGORY
G.Rude rejection (hyph.)KISSOFF
H.Wife of Oeneus, in Greek mythALTHEA
I.Jittery; overly conventionalUPTIGHT
J.Unearthly, weirdELDRITCH
K.Precable reception aid (2 wds.)RABBITEARS
L.Author of a political weekly launched in 1953 (3 wds.)IFSTONE
M.Vengeful goddessNEMESIS
N.Wide-awakes or noddiesTERNS
O.Broadway's first musical with nudity (2 wds.)OHCALCUTTA
P.Common word processor componentTHESAURUS
Q.Skedaddle, make tracks (2 wds.)HIGHTAILIT
R.Arab forebear, traditionallyISHMAEL
S.Site of a Luddite riot in 1811NOTTINGHAM
T.Self-taught personAUTODIDACT
U.Personally present, live (3 wds.)INTHEFLESH
V.Cause bitter resentmentRANKLE
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