Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 23, 2011

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MARY SHELLEY, FRANKENSTEIN (OR, THE MODERN PROMETHEUS) — His hair was of a lustrous black...; his teeth of a pearly whiteness; but these luxuriances only formed a more horrid contrast with his watery eyes... the dun white sockets..., his shriveled complexion, and straight black lips.

Clues and answers

A.Chart-topping song of October 1962 (2 wds.)MONSTERMASH
B.Fourth-wall breakerASIDE
D.Home of Mammoth Hot SpringsYELLOWSTONE
E.Constantly scoldingSHREWISH
F.Mad scientist's stereotypical lab assistantHUNCHBACK
G.With precious little left in the tankEXHAUSTED
H.Like Prokofiev's French hornLUPINE
I.Comics villain since 1940 (2 wds.)LEXLUTHOR
J.Emergency exit (2 wds.)ESCAPEHATCH
K.Time often embellished in retrospectYESTERYEAR
L.Dueling weapon in "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"FIDDLE
N.Setting for loopy demonstrations (2 wds.)AIRSHOW
O.Billy known for a hard kind of bop?NIGHTSTICK
P.1931 portrayer of a made manKARLOFF
Q.Catchers of some wavesEARDRUMS
R.Breathing holesNOSTRILS
S.Picture-taking sessionSHOOT
T.Reversible or reciprocal (hyph.)TWOWAY
U.Sort of person who should know right from wrongETHICIST
V.Classic film line shouted twice by Gene Wilder in 1974 (2 wds.)ITSALIVE
W.Potential pickup siteNAPE
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