Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 21, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


CAROL ANN BASSETT, GALAPAGOS (AT THE CROSSROADS) — Bizarre life-forms... evolved there: ...iguanas able to hold their breath under water..., cormorants that no longer need wings..., vampire finches that survive on the blood of... boobies, daisies that have morphed into giant trees.

Clues and answers

A.1982 film horrorfest written by Stephen King CREEPSHOW
B.Number one among evildoersARCHFIEND
C.Bad guy often maskedROBBER
D.Much bigger than normalOVERSIZE
E.Formidable marine behemothLEVIATHAN
F.Rain forest rodent that swims wellAGOUTI
G.Belladonna or bittersweetNIGHTSHADE
H.Cryptic cry in a haunting 1845 accountNEVERMORE
I.Monster-slaying hero of the GeatsBEOWULF
J.Physostigmine vis-a-vis belladonnaANTIDOTE
K.One working on a graveyard shift?SHOVELER
L.Reaction to a ghost shouting "Boo!"START
M.Place in a Gothic setting?ENTOMB
N.Killer plants in John Wyndham's 1951 sci-fi novelTRIFFIDS
O.Source of Word H (2 wds.)THERAVEN
P.Develop as the star-nosed mole has (2 wds.)GOBLIND
Q.Shape shifter AMOEBA
R.What Diogenes the Cynic carried in the daytimeLANTERN
S.Set to receive trick-or-treaters, say (2 wds.)ATHOME
T.Sign of calamity in the windPORTENT
U.Conveyor of a sanguine sortAORTA
V.Like something out of "Night of the Living Dead"GHOULISH
W.Strange thingsODDITIES
X.Evidence of horrorSHIVERS
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