Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 20, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


K.C. COLE, (THE) UNIVERSE AND THE TEACUP — Mathematics is a way of thinking that... works like turning off the houselights in a theater. ... [Y]ou can no longer see the faces... around you or the inlaid patterns on the ceiling. But you gain a far better view of the subject....

Clues and answers

A.Artwork of dubious tasteKITSCH
B.Jug, pokeyCOOLER
C.Manufacturer of the highly aerodynamic car nicknamed La BombeCITROEN
D.Nickname for the young Jack Nicklaus (2 wds.)OHIOFATS
E.Lash out; throw (2 wds.)LETFLY
F."A person of low taste, more interested in himself than me"EGOTIST
G.Ignorant; natural-bornUNTAUGHT
H.Book after EzraNEHEMIAH
I.Site of a famous flag-raising (2 wds.)IWOJIMA
J.Page serving a knightVARLET
K.Interstate from New Jersey to CaliforniaEIGHTY
L.TV cartoon with Tommy Pickles and Spike the dogRUGRATS
M.Early period in human development (2 wds.)STONEAGE
N.Tiny mushroom with a long, thin stemENOKI
P.Locale of the Cascade RangeNORTHWEST
Q.Producer of 1957's "Old Yeller"DISNEY
R."My Generation" band (2 wds.)THEWHO
S.Muhammad's flight from MeccaHEGIRA
T.Study of human betterment by improvement in living conditionsEUTHENICS
U.Hunting Stewart or Black Watch, e.g.TARTAN
V.Site for certain donations (2 wds.)EYEBANK
W.Jackal-headed Egyptian godANUBIS
X.Sincerity, opennessCANDOR
Y.Vessel using Enigma ciphers (hyph.)UBOAT
Z.Member of a colony on Maine's Eastern Egg RockPUFFIN
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